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Usui Reiki 3A


The 3rd degree of Usui Reiki completes your training as a healer of this system. Having already been taught most of the traditional Japanese techniques, in this seminar you will learn the evolution of Reiki as it has been shaped through the practice of thousands of healers and teachers around the world.


What will I learn in this course?

Through this seminar you will learn:

  • All about the energy centers and the aura, and how to heal them with Reiki.

  • Brief Reiki treatment

  • Comprehensive energy healing in the aura

  • Chakra-balancing techniques (6 techniques)

  • Complete Session Protection with Reiki

  • Treatment with eyes and breathing

And of course you will be introduced to the wonderful energy of the Master Symbol and learn how to use it to

  • Increases compassion and understanding

  • Cure criticism and negative thoughts

  • You see the light in every darkness

  • Maximum Protection

What does the course include?

8-10 hours of live instruction

  • where the coordination of the Master symbol is given

  • Aura and chakra healing techniques are taught. Among others they include:

  • 1 complete protection session, to another

  • 1 comprehensive space cleaning session

  • 6 chakra balancing or alignment techniques

  • How to send healing to multiple people and more.

*depending on the number of participants, the hours may change

More than 1.5 hours of online video instruction

  about aura and chakras, which will teach you

  • What is Aura and what are its functions

  • What are chakras, which emotions, thoughts, organs and areas of our lives each regulates

  • How do we recognize if a chakra is over-functioning, under-functioning or balanced, based on our life circumstances

  • What are the secondary energy centers?

1 book with all the teaching material

which you will receive in the live course AND you will receive all updates on all new techniques, electronically

Ongoing support

at your every step and answers to your questions, at any time

Right to join the Reiki Healer Group

In Reiki Groups, we meet 2 times a month.

  • In one meeting we practice the techniques and healing exchange. In this way, the therapist's experience and self-confidence develop

  • In the second meeting, additional techniques are given (Reiki, Meditations, advice on crystals, etc.) and we deepen the already known ones.

ATTENTION: Membership in the Reiki group has an additional charge (50€/month).

Energy Healing

Next Group

September 2023

Payment methods

Reiki 3A paylink.png


Pay with your credit or debit card by pressing the button below and following all the steps.

IRIS Πειραιώς – μέτρια.jpeg


Bank deposit

Κάνε την κατάθεση, σε μία από τις παρακάτω τράπεζες & στείλε το αποδεικτικό στο email:

National: GR1501100840000008400538305

Piraeus: GR9001727050005705106135390

Frequent questions

Are there any attendance requirements?

Yes. First, you need to have attended the 2nd degree seminar and completed the 21 days of self-healing.

Still, you need to have worked enough with the symbols and techniques of the 2nd degree to assimilate its energy and be ready for the next level. As we have said, the degrees of Reiki are not just seminars of knowledge, but degrees of personal development.

Do you teach Japanese or Western style Reiki?

In the 1st & 2nd grade they are mainly taught Japanese techniques, as they have been transmitted from Chiyoko Sensei to Arjava Sensei and then to the whole world. Με αυτές τις τεχνικές δημιουργούμε γερές βάσεις, σύνδεση με τις ρίζες και την παράδοση του Ρέικι και αναπτύσοουμε την αυτοπεποίθηση στην practicing Reiki.

Then, in the 3rd grade,   is taughtWestern Style Reiki,as it has been transmitted by Takata Sensei, in America and then around the world. There we learn how to use Reiki energy to heal the chakras, the aura, make energy balls and generally do a more ethereal healing.

Can I do the 3rd degree with you if I have done the 2nd with another teacher?

First we need to see the material you've been taught, since as I already mentioned, the style I teach, in 1st and 2nd grade, is Japanese.

This, in the 1st degree, includes some practices such as Gasso Meditation, Reiki Breathing (Joshua kokyu ho), Tanden, navel healing (Hesso Chiryo) and detoxification (Gedoku Ho), while in the 2nd degree Byosen perception and Reiji Ho are taught. These exercises make up the  basic pillar of Reiki and it is very important to know them during our Reiki practice, as we use them .

To begin with, the diploma and books of the 1st and 2nd degree Usui Reiki must be presented in any case.

I have got the 3rd grade, but I feel that I am lacking. What can I do;

This is a difficult question to answer in general, because every person is different. However, if the problem is purely lack of practice, then there is the possibility of participating in the Reiki groups that take place twice a month.
But if you feel that you lack knowledge about Reiki and its use or want to immerse yourself in Japanese techniques, then I suggest you repeat the grade and then join a group , so you can keep up with the rest of the kids.
In any case we need to talk in person and I am sure we will find the best possible solution for you.

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