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These highly invasive and effective techniques can really change your life!
They are performed only by an experienced therapist. If you think any of these apply to you, don't hesitate to contact me.


Aura Surgery is needed when there is an entrenched, harmful energy - behavior, which cannot be removed with conventional energy cleansing.

The most important thing in this treatment is not so much the process of removal as finding the reason why this energy has remained in the field for so long. Only when the person accepts that they no longer need this energy can it be removed and the big change can come.

The result of this session is to remove the obstacles from our path and life, to feel relief, that a great burden is gone, that we have more "air" to breathe, etc. This treatment brings a very deep transformation to the person and to life of.

Includes 2-3 sessions:

  • Finding the root of the problem

  • Removal of harmful energy

  • Aura Healing


Thought forms are actions caused by intense thinking, and they can be positive or negative. As they grow stronger, through the supply of energy (repeated and intense thoughts), so they acquire the power to exert an influence upon us and beyond. they become contagious. This happens because our brain tends to reproduce the strongest emotion, without distinguishing whether it is good or bad.

They can be exogenous, that is, they attach to our aura when there are holes or gaps in it, causing us to reproduce thoughts and feelings that are not ours, such as acquiring obsessions, depression, suicidal tendencies, etc. 

But we can create concepts ourselves. When we repeatedly feed a certain thought, fear, insecurity, etc., then it takes on so much energy that it "magnifies" and takes form in our aura. That is why it is called "thought form". The feeling left by this situation is repeated negative thoughts, from which, even if we try, we cannot escape. We have no control over them.

With this treatment we release the thought-form, but we also heal the function of our character, which attracted the thought-form, so that we do not attract it again.

It consists of 3 sessions:

  • Concept form removal

  • Aura Healing

  • Change of Function


Either in this life or in a previous life, when a person goes through a shocking event, as the people say: "a piece breaks inside me." Repairing these wounds makes us feel whole again. It gives relief that life is a natural continuum, of which we are an integral part.


Many times diseases, but also our behavior patterns, have been inherited from our ancestors. By healing these pieces, releasing the energy that overshadows us, we bring freedom again to ourselves, and also to our family.


A treatment quite misunderstood, since it can just as easily drag us into the vortex of discovering past lives, as it can free us from them. Its usefulness is ONLY in the event that some event, which happened in a previous life, affects today, to the extent that it makes our life dysfunctional.

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