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Usui Reiki 1


Reiki is an energy healing technique that comes to us from Japan. Today it is practiced all over the world, while it has also been included in several hospitals, as a complementary treatment. Although it has not been scientifically proven how it works, the results are hard to dispute, because they are real and tangible.


How do I know I'm ready for Grade 1?

  • If...You are tired of the vicious circles and want to find a solution

  • You want to find your way… your mission here, in this life

  • You feel that there is something more to life than what you have learned so far

  • You feel like you want to help the people around you

  • You deeply believe that we are not only a body, but we also have a spirit

  • You want to find your Soul again

  • Do you feel the call…

Then this seminar IS for you!

I am a professional therapist. Does this tutorial do it for me?

In my opinion, there is no healer today who does not have access to this incredibly pure and loving energy! If you are a person who has dedicated his life to the service of humanity, then it is important to tune into the energy of Reiki, the energy that connects you to your Soul, the purest source of Light and Love!
- Marianna Markou

What will I learn in this course?

Through this system you will learn:

  • Conserve your energy so you don't run out

  • To maintain the balance and connection of Body and Soul

  • Don't get emotional

  • Increase your levels of intuition and empathy

  • To enrich your practice with effective techniques, made for the New Age and the New Man

You will connect with your spiritual nature, through an experience you have never experienced before!

What does the course include?

More than 4 hours of online instruction

to learn:

  • All the history, philosophy and principles of Reiki

  • How to connect with this energy through breathing exercises, meditation and mantra

  • How to ground, clear your energy and heal yourself

  • How to do a quick cure on someone of yours

  • Detoxification exercises for Mind and Body

  • Treatment for various ailments of the body, such as urinary, fever, infections, fungi, rashes, intestinal, problems, etc.

  • Treatment to find the cause of a problem

2-4 hours of live lesson*

where questions are solved and 4 resonances-initiations with the Spiritual Energy of the Universe (Reiki) are given, which open the student to the energy of the Soul, and make him its channel. So he can easily transport her with his touch. A seminar with a Japanese flavor, since many Traditional Japanese techniques and Philosophy are taught.
*depending on the number of participants, the hours may change

1 Manual

With all the teaching material, which you receive in the live lesson.

Reiki Treatment

Payment methods

Usui Reiki 1



Εφάπαξ πληρωμή σεμιναρίου

Pay with your credit or debit card by pressing the button below and following all the steps.

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Bank deposit

Κάνε την κατάθεση, σε μία από τις παρακάτω τράπεζες & στείλε το αποδεικτικό στο email:

National: GR1501100840000008400538305

Piraeus: GR9001727050005705106135390

Frequent questions

Do I need to do any preparation?

Yes. The degrees of Reiki are not just seminars of knowledge, that is why they are also called "degrees", i.e. levels of spiritual development. Usui, they can take this seminar and learn to heal themselves and others.

But, experience has shown, that it is good to be preceded by one before the seminargood energy cleansing, to enable the student to be "open" to receive the full benefits of attunement with Reiki energy, in a smooth manner.

How can I prepare?

You can choose any method of energy cleansing, if you know. But for me, it is important to have at least one previous Reiki treatment. There are many reasons, but let's say the simplest: If you want to learn something, isn't it good to have received it first, to have "tasted" it, to see if you like it, if it helped you, etc.?

If you don't know how to prepare naturally we can work together through individual sessions. Just contact me.

Do you provide certification?

Of course. Certification of attendance is given upon completion of the seminar. Also given:
·      Βιβλίο with all the material of the seminar
·      Πλήρης support and assistance throughout the studies
·      Πρόσβαση in videos and additional online material… forever
·      20 % discount for purchases over €25 in our store

Do you teach Japanese or Western style Reiki?

In the 1st & 2nd grade they are mainly taught Japanese techniques, as they have been transmitted from Chiyoko Sensei to Arjava Sensei and then to the whole world. Με αυτές τις τεχνικές δημιουργούμε γερές βάσεις, σύνδεση με τις ρίζες και την παράδοση του Ρέικι και αναπτύσοουμε την αυτοπεποίθηση στην practicing Reiki.

Then, in the 3rd grade,   is taughtWestern Style Reiki,as it has been transmitted by Takata Sensei, in America and then around the world. There we learn how to use Reiki energy to heal the chakras, the aura, make energy balls and generally do a more ethereal healing.

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