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Through a wide range of tools, such as Reiki, Crystal Healing, Flower/Crystal Remedies and more, we work together to balance the Emotional and Physical Body. Old patterns of behavior go away, beliefs are replaced with new ones and thus we slowly restore the flow of energy, and therefore health within us.

Sessions can either be done in person or online.


Duration: 60-75 minutes

The healing system Usui Reiki, now known all over the world, helps us to get in touch with our Soul. It is a system that leads to self-awareness and contact with the spiritual part of our being. With this system we relieve pain, whether it comes from the body or from the Soul!

Through Reiki practice one can:

  • find the purpose of his life

  • understand the causes behind the events of his life

  • increase intuition and receive spiritual messages

  • experience Warmth and Serenity

  • increase understanding of how our world works 



Duration: 45-60 minutes

Crystal Healing can bring immediate change in the energy field of a person. That, in simple words, means we can:

  • Clear and Manage negative emotions

  • Relieve physical pain, especially in chronic or recurring problems.

  • Clear limiting beliefs and fears

  • We are doing a general cleaning and upgrade of the aura

  • Bend resistances to healing

  • We get help in receiving a spiritual message, understanding it or implementing it


 Crystals are always by our side, offering their qualities at the service of man. 



Duration: 45-60 minutes

With the help of the Angels we do a lot advanced work on the spiritual body, related to Life's Higher Cause. With these treatments, literally and radically, our lives change!

Illnesses, Removal of limiting beliefs, Recovery from physical and mental injuries, Quantum Leaps, Removal of restrictions and influences, Changing course, Mental contracts and relationships, help in life decisions, Abundance, Forgiveness, Cure Fears, Protection from influences and attacks, Restoration of hope and faith, Healing material and emotional dependencies, understanding opposites and embracing our light side as well as our dark side, are just some of the help that the Angels can provide us.




Duration: 20-30 minutes

It is now widely accepted that Bach Flower Remedies are excellent for treatment of emotions. As Crystal Healing does, so Flower Remedies can heal ailments of the physical body, but also the emotional.


Session includes an intake interview and the bottle of Gem Essence . 

bach remedies.jpeg


Duration: 40-45 minutes

Through the use of crystal and angelic cards or through the casting of crystals, person receives spiritual guidance regarding the areas of his life that he chooses.


This particular method does not predict the future, but through the connection with the Higher Self of the individual, guidance and healing instructions are given.

Image by Amanda Vick

If you have any questions or need guidance on which session is best for you, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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